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Absolutely Incredible Design

Got this pillow as a present and I have been using it for 3 months now. Can honestly say that this is one of the best presents that I’ve been given and it has really changed my sleep for good, and my neck pains have completely disappeared. Never knew a good pillow can have this much impact on my sleep 😂 When I was unboxing, I was amazed by how beautiful it looked, but was even more amazed by how incredibly comfortable it felt when I slept on it. It’s really soft yet super supportive at the same time. The neck support especially is absolutely fantastic!! It feels as though someone is gently holding my neck at the right pressure points and my head feels weightless. The side of the pillow is slightly elevated which makes it perfect when I sleep on my side! I actually love this pillow so much and I have also just purchased a silk pillowcase to go with it.

Everyone needs this pillow

I was very skeptical when I saw the ad as I’ve been burnt by buying pillows from Ecosa, Sleeping Duck, Neptune and PeaceLily. Even tried duck down pillows from Myer out of desperation. I waited a few months before writing this review - but now I can honestly say that The Aergo cloud pillow is the most comfy pillow I’ve ever had in my life! Just the right height and softness, and so supportive whether I sleep on my back or side. It’s a little bit softer when it’s in the normal pillow case vs the silk pillow case (as the silk pillow case is more fitted) but even then it’s still super comfy! Buying a second silk pillow case just in case. I hope you guys never stop selling this pillow and the fitted pillow cases. Absolutely brilliant!

Perfect present for girlfriend

Purchased the white cloud pillow and the silk pillowcase for my girlfriend as her birthday present and she absolutely loved it. She has been using it for 2 months now and tells me all the time how much she appreciates this present. Highly recommend it if you want your girlfriend to wake up in a good mood with a smile on her face haha. Here is a photo of the packaging I took when we unboxed the pillow

Amazing Pillow

Received mine today and it is soooo comfortable, by far the best pillow that I've slept on. The packaging is also heaps nice

Can no longer sleep without it

As a back and side sleeper, the cloud pillow provides the perfect support for my neck doesn’t matter how I am sleeping, the neck support zone combined with the head rest zone works magic to align my head and neck and it is actually so comfortable. The pillow is also very portable to carry to different places using the gifted tote bag, as I have been travelling recently and I can no longer sleep without this pillow.

Best Pillow from Son

My son has bought this pillow for myself and his dad as we have been experiencing neck pains in the morning. To my absolute surprise, ever since I started using this pillow a month ago, my neck pain has completely gone away. I am amazed at how comfortable these pillows are and the neck support they provide. Highly recommend.

No more neck pain!!

The cushioning on this pillow stops me from having sleepless nights and constant neck pain!! The Height Adjustment Foam allows the perfect amount of adjustment for a back sleeper like me to sleep peacefully!

Jenny Vincent-Green
Smooth and comfortable

I love my Aergo pillow and wanted another mulberry pillowcase to put on the pillow when the one on the pillow needed to be washed.

THE best pillow

The first pillow I have ever purchased and slept amazingly the first night. Going to purchase one for each family member!

Cloud Pillow

When I put my head onto this pillow I feel held, softly supported and so so comfortable. Seriously I’ve bought so many pillows that just aren’t comfortable in the past. I’m delighted with my new pillow .. I can’t wait to get to bed now.. it will come with me when I travel too. I love 💕 it!!

My neck is SO happy!

I need regular physio on my neck and shoulders but at this month’s visit, not as much work was required. The only change I’d made was to buy and sleep on The Aergo. I’m excited that I can take this pillow away on trips so never have to risk a dodgy hotel pillow again. Thank you.

The cloud bundle

We love love our pillows and silk covers

Comfort and Aesthetic in One

The Cloud Pillow's design is not only super comfortable but aesthetically pleasing as well. Its clean and modern look adds a touch of sophistication to my bedroom decor. It's a pillow that not only enhances my sleep experience but also elevates the overall ambiance of my sleeping space.

Back sleeper must-have

properly supports my neck and maintains the natural curvature of my spine was a challenge. The Cloud Pillow's unique design does just that. It cradles my neck perfectly, promoting a healthy sleeping position and ensuring a restful night's sleep.

So comfy

This is by far the most comfortable pillow that I've slept on.

A mum must have

As a mum that also works, this pillow really provides the good night sleep that I need to get through the day and look after my 2 beautiful boys. Thank you!!

Great product

This pillow is super comfortable and made my partner snore less surprisingly. Maybe it is the neck alignment that it has? Anyways, great product

Comfortable and pretty

Apart from how incredibly comfortable it is and how much it supports my neck, I'm a big fan of the removable cover on the Cloud Pillow. It's not only easy to clean but also allows me to switch between different covers to match my bedding or mood across the 3 options of white, grey and silk. It adds versatility and style to my bedroom, and I appreciate the option to customize my pillow's appearance.

Actually a sleep miracle

After years of struggling with insomnia, the Cloud Pillow has been a lifesaver. Its plush comfort and gentle support help me relax and fall asleep faster. I've noticed a significant improvement in both the quantity and quality of my sleep. It's truly a sleep miracle.

Perfect for light sleeper

I'm a light sleeper but since I started using the Cloud Pillow, I've noticed a significant improvement in my sleep. I am falling asleep faster as it feels so comfortable when I lay my head on the pillow. I actually feel much more refreshed every morning when I wake up

Looking forward to sleep everyday

I often work late nights on my laptop, and my neck used to bear the brunt of it. Thanks to the Cloud Pillow's exceptional support, my neck pain has significantly diminished. It's become my go-to pillow for both sleep and relaxation after a long day.

Remains Cool for Hot Sleeper

Having tried other memory foam pillows in the past, I was skeptical about the Cloud Pillow's ability to remain cool. However, it truly lives up to its promise. Even on hot summer nights, I stay comfortably cool, thanks to the pillow's excellent temperature regulation. It's a game-changer!

Actually really ergonomic

I used to wake up with numbness in my arms due to poor circulation. Since switching to the Cloud Pillow, that problem has vanished. The pillow's ergonomic design allows for proper blood flow, and I no longer experience numbness or tingling. It's been a revelation for me.

So good for back sleeper

I'm a back sleeper, and the Cloud Pillow has truly enhanced my sleeping experience. The contoured shape cradles the natural curvature of my neck, providing exceptional support. I wake up feeling refreshed and without any morning stiffness. It's like the pillow was made just for me!

Sleep Revolution

After years of restless sleep, I finally found the perfect pillow in the Cloud Pillow. The memory foam moulds to my head, providing a customized sleeping experience. No more tossing and turning or waking up with a stiff neck. It's a true sleep revolution!