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Absolutely Incredible Design

Got this pillow as a present and I have been using it for 3 months now. Can honestly say that this is one of the best presents that I’ve been given and it has really changed my sleep for good, and my neck pains have completely disappeared. Never knew a good pillow can have this much impact on my sleep 😂 When I was unboxing, I was amazed by how beautiful it looked, but was even more amazed by how incredibly comfortable it felt when I slept on it. It’s really soft yet super supportive at the same time. The neck support especially is absolutely fantastic!! It feels as though someone is gently holding my neck at the right pressure points and my head feels weightless. The side of the pillow is slightly elevated which makes it perfect when I sleep on my side! I actually love this pillow so much and I have also just purchased a silk pillowcase to go with it.

Everyone needs this pillow

I was very skeptical when I saw the ad as I’ve been burnt by buying pillows from Ecosa, Sleeping Duck, Neptune and PeaceLily. Even tried duck down pillows from Myer out of desperation. I waited a few months before writing this review - but now I can honestly say that The Aergo cloud pillow is the most comfy pillow I’ve ever had in my life! Just the right height and softness, and so supportive whether I sleep on my back or side. It’s a little bit softer when it’s in the normal pillow case vs the silk pillow case (as the silk pillow case is more fitted) but even then it’s still super comfy! Buying a second silk pillow case just in case. I hope you guys never stop selling this pillow and the fitted pillow cases. Absolutely brilliant!

Perfect present for girlfriend

Purchased the white cloud pillow and the silk pillowcase for my girlfriend as her birthday present and she absolutely loved it. She has been using it for 2 months now and tells me all the time how much she appreciates this present. Highly recommend it if you want your girlfriend to wake up in a good mood with a smile on her face haha. Here is a photo of the packaging I took when we unboxed the pillow

Amazing Pillow

Received mine today and it is soooo comfortable, by far the best pillow that I've slept on. The packaging is also heaps nice

Can no longer sleep without it

As a back and side sleeper, the cloud pillow provides the perfect support for my neck doesn’t matter how I am sleeping, the neck support zone combined with the head rest zone works magic to align my head and neck and it is actually so comfortable. The pillow is also very portable to carry to different places using the gifted tote bag, as I have been travelling recently and I can no longer sleep without this pillow.

Best Pillow from Son

My son has bought this pillow for myself and his dad as we have been experiencing neck pains in the morning. To my absolute surprise, ever since I started using this pillow a month ago, my neck pain has completely gone away. I am amazed at how comfortable these pillows are and the neck support they provide. Highly recommend.

No more neck pain!!

The cushioning on this pillow stops me from having sleepless nights and constant neck pain!! The Height Adjustment Foam allows the perfect amount of adjustment for a back sleeper like me to sleep peacefully!

Amazing 🤩

I absolutely love this pillow it’s amazing..

like sleeping on a cloud! duh

i finally bought this pillow as an treat for myself after seeing it on my IG for the past year!! i initially bought because of the cute shape but didn’t realise my neck and back pain was due to my old pillows!! since switching to the aergo pillow i’ve been sleeping like a baby! i love the cloud design and plush firmness of the pillow! my neck feels cradled and i don’t fuss and fidget to try get comfy anymore!!
lush design & lux quality!!! mwa!

Worth the hype-really!

I love this pillow! I have had a hard time finding a really comfortable pillow- normal pillows are an absolute no- end up with a sore neck and/or sinus issues. Memory foam is better but every other pillow I’ve tried is too shallow (I have wide shoulders and am a side sleeper) so I’ve had to use a thin pillow under the top one. I bought this- included the booster layer and OH MY GOD- it’s perfect! Holds the head in the perfect position so you can relax and let your head drop into it
I am absolutely SOLD!
(this is not a paid ad btw)

Love love love so comfy I take it everywhere with me. Nice and compact

Kat Elizabeth
The perfect pillow

I was a little skeptical paying this much for a pillow, but I knew I needed to try because all of my existing pillows were causing neck pain which was leading to some insomnia. The first night I tried it, I was already convinced. So ergonomic, and somehow so supportive despite being beautifully soft. I didn't actually need any time to get used to it as I'd come from a memory pillow -- as soon as I felt it, it was like my head & neck let out a sigh of relief. So happy with it & will be recommending it to everyone I know!

It wasn't what I was expecting... It was SO much more

I honestly didn't think I could find a pillow that worked, a pillow that I'd actually look forward to sleeping on. With years and years of neck and back pain instantly diminished from the first night, I woke up the second morning and was shocked that I didn't want to jinx myself... Second night and no pain! I am in LOVE the pillow cushions from the top of the head down to the neck, it's soft and oh so cushy! I am so happy I took the plunge!

Love this pillow. On the whole no more headaches.

It's not bad, still getting used to it

Marianne Thursky
Amazing Pillow

I have tried many pillows and was not sure if this one was any better. It is amazing. I have been waking up in the middle of the night with bad headaches. Have not had one in the 2 weeks of using this pillow. The last couple of nights I have even slept through to 4am which is good for me. Well worth the purchase

I am sleeping a a lot longer than I used to

Comfortable for me! Sleeping much better weird!

Best pillow

The best pillow I’ve ever had!!!! Bring on more colour pillow cases & wont use anything else!

I am obsessed

I love this pillow. I love the shape, I love that it came with the option to make it slightly higher. I didn’t need it but I love that it came with that option. I love how it has made it comfortable to sleep on my back (instead of my side) which is better for everything.
I love that it’s cloud shaped, which is cute but also just more comfortable to use. I love the silk pillow case I got. My hair loves that and so does my breathing in general.
I love this pillow. I have recommended to my family and friends and will continue to do so.
It was very expensive for me but it was very worth it. I am so grateful and will take good care of the pillow and use for as long as I can, until I’ll need a new one.
So happy! Thank you :’)

Love my new pillow. Took a few days to get use to it but now I couldn’t do without it.
I also purchased my son one for his birthday, he said it’s the best present ever !

The perfect pillow!! I have been searching for a new pillow for years & this is by far my favourite, I’ve never slept so well!

Jenny Vincent-Green
Smooth and comfortable

I love my Aergo pillow and wanted another mulberry pillowcase to put on the pillow when the one on the pillow needed to be washed.

The BEST pillow I’ve purchased

Amazing. Not too big, not too small. Not too firm, not too soft. Perfection.
I have been hunting the perfect pillow for years.

Cloud Pillow

When I put my head onto this pillow I feel held, softly supported and so so comfortable. Seriously I’ve bought so many pillows that just aren’t comfortable in the past. I’m delighted with my new pillow .. I can’t wait to get to bed now.. it will come with me when I travel too. I love 💕 it!!

My neck is SO happy!

I need regular physio on my neck and shoulders but at this month’s visit, not as much work was required. The only change I’d made was to buy and sleep on The Aergo. I’m excited that I can take this pillow away on trips so never have to risk a dodgy hotel pillow again. Thank you.